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The Success team combines years of cinematic experience with young directors. We all believe that a positive and lively story is needed for the future and that it already exists!

Together we embark on the journey of telling the story of a successful future in our film.

Lucas Buchholz | author, director

Lucas Buchholz is an author, speaker and consultant. He studied peace and conflict research and has worked in Mozambique, Jordan and Pakistan. During a stay of several months with the indigenous Kogi people in Colombia, Lucas Buchholz learned that a fundamental change of consciousness towards a lively social and entrepreneurial culture is necessary. The book Kogi – How an indigenous people inspires our modern world was written (September 2019). Lucas Buchholz gives keynotes, seminars and advises companies on an alternative understanding of success. The film Success is now the next step on this journey.

Martin Hoffmann | editor, director

Martin Hoffmann is a filmmaker with body and soul, because he loves to tell stories. During his studies in mechanical engineering and psychology, he began filming at an early age and established himself as an editor, director, cameraman and colorist. In 1994 he was awarded the German Film Award (best editing) for the well-known documentary film Rhythm is it. Since then he has influenced many films with a sure feeling for great emotions and moving moments, including Trip to Asia, Friedensschlag, Vierzehn – Erwachsen in neun Monate, The United States of Hoodoo, Human Flow, The Zurich Liaison and A new Beginning. 

Gerardo Milsztein | DoP

Gerardo Milsztein was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a freelance director-cameraman, he has made more than 80 documentaries, reportages and short films in more than 40 countries since 1990. Gerardo Milsztein was awarded the German Camera Prize 2010 for his first director-camera work Friedensschlag. He is passionately interested – both privately and in film – in how paradigms, habits, systemic structures and old organizations get into crisis or collapse.

Eva Hausberger | sound, line producer

Eva Hausberger lives as an independent filmmaker in Vienna until 2006. She studied Multi Media Art in Salzburg and at the FAMU in Prague. Since 2010 Hausberger has mainly worked as a production manager, assistant director and sound engineer in the field of feature and documentary films.

Christel Brunn

dramaturgical advisory

Christel Brunn has been producing films and media for companies, agencies, institutions, TV stations and the cinema for over 25 years. She has been awarded many international prizes for her work. Her particular strengths are her unerring feeling for dramaturgy and storytelling as well as the composition and management of creative and organisational teams.

Andreas Lucas

producer Germany

Andreas Lucas is a German composer, music producer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. In the early 1990s Lucas founded the music production company FunDeMental Music and the Basement Audio-Postproduktion, which merged to form the FunDeMental Studios in 2000. Lucas has received awards as a composer at the Cannes Lions, the ADC, the Clio Award and the New York Festival. Lucas is in charge of numerous film projects, since 2015 also as co-producer.

Karenina Spade

producer Switzerland

After stops in Holland, South America and the USA, Karenina Spade has been working in Solothurn for 16 years as a film producer for well-known clients from all over Switzerland. In 2016 she founded the film agency Querform. The portfolio has been expanded in recent years to include documentaries and continues the success story. The driving force is the immersion in personal stories and the confrontation with urbanity, gentrification, art or the question of sustainability and success.

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