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About the FUTURE

The world has gone off the rails, the future is uncertain, forecasts sometimes frightening. 

Everyone is talking about the climate crisis. Sustainability and New Work are the new mega trends. Everyone wants to be part of it. 

And yet many ask whether it is really possible to remain true to one’s own inner convictions and at the same time be economically successful?

We believe that a story about a successful, lively and sustainable future is needed!

But what does real transformation look like beyond popular sustainability efforts and superficial declarations?

We are looking for the pioneers of a change that is already in full swing. 

They are not easy to find, but on every continent there are already people who against all odds have the courage to ask different questions and to break new ground.

They often move under the radar and yet are not dropouts. From the heart of society, they show in a quiet revolution how inspiring visions for future economy, the environment and society are being implemented

Can a factory run like a forest?

Janine Benyus
Biomimicry 3.8

Can 10,000 employees work without leadership?

Jos de Blok

What is the secret of these people? What makes us different from these pioneers of a human, ecologically and economically sustainable world? How have they managed to overcome the contradictions between their actions and their values?

With Success – rethinking the future we take you on a visual journey to the pioneers of a holistic understanding of success. You will laugh, cry, be touched and above all you will be amazed at the incredible approaches and solutions that are already available.

We meet people who have set out on their journey and ask ourselves whether their solutions really make a difference? Or are they just a drop in the ocean?

Companies as part of the solution, is that even possible? Do we overlook opportunities while looking at politics and expecting answers?

Companies are major contributors to global environmental degradation. Working conditions and working atmospheres are considered to be triggers for illness and depression

So is corporate consciousness a bottleneck for our change? If there is rethinking, if there is change, it has a great impact on the daily life of many people and the state of our planet.


Prof. Frederic Vester

Are we successful when we stop fighting?

Karl Grunick

Indigenous peoples neither hold climate conferences nor have strategy meetings or action plans. And yet they have often lived sustainably for thousands of years.

How I act today determines my future. Our collective action determines the future of humanity and perhaps even of life on this planet.

A wise Kogi elder explained: “Your way of thinking is the cause of the many problems on our planet. If you succeed in acting naturally and alive again, we can all live well for another 80,000 years.

Success – rethinking the future is a hybrid of environmental, work and success film.

“It takes visually stunning stories about inspiring pioneers. This is how role models are created and become inspiration for one’s own actions. That’s what moves us to make this film.”

Martin Hoffmann & Lucas Buchholz

Top-class film team, with a German Film Award for Rythem is it and a German Camera Award for Friedensschlag


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